Mold Removal and Mold Remediation in Northeast Philadelphia, Bucks County, Tullytown, Levittown, PA, Burlington, Trenton, NJ, and Surrounding Areas

The Problem

Mildew and mold are microorganisms that can be found in properties across the country. Mold removal, also called mold remediation, is the process used to remove mold and mildew from homes and businesses. Mold and its spores can be toxic, and non-toxic depending on the strain. Mold can also be found in a variety of colors, from green to black mold to even white and purple mold.  When mold begins to grow, the first thing that most homeowners notice is the musky odor. As mold continues to spread, it’ll begin to show itself on ceilings, walls, floors and doors, and from there, will continue to spread like wildfire.

Mold or mildew is always a result of water damage. When moisture is present, mold can begin to grow within 24-48 hours. When mold has been identified, mold remediation should be performed as soon as possible to keep damages to a minimum. For those with preexisting respiratory conditions, the elderly, young children, and pets, mold can cause the following health issues:

  • Headaches
  • Allergic Reactions
  • Asthma

The Professionals

Mold Remediation Technicians

Our certified mold removal technicians in New Jersey and Philadelphia are always ready to respond to mold emergencies, including black mold removal. The team at Joe Taylor Restoration only utilizes the latest in mold removal technology, and we consult with certified environmental hygienists each and every job. This allows us to accurately determine the type and reason for the mold, as well as the extent of the damage it has caused. Once these factors have been determined, we’ll get to work to purify the environment’s air to remove harmful airborne toxins and restore it to it’s clean, pure status.

Joe Taylor Restoration is licensed and certified by the states of Pennsylvania and New Jersey to provide mold remediation services. We’re also proud to carry Pollution Insurance. This type of insurance is difficult to acquire and far more expensive than General Liability Insurance. The majority of mold removal companies do not carry this type of insurance due to it’s cost. But, for the peace of mind and safety of our customers, Joe Taylor Restoration carries full service pollution insurance.

Mold Removal in Northeast Philadelphia and Bucks County

The Process

Mold Removal

The mold and mildew remediation process can vary, depending on the type of mold and severity of the damages.

At Joe Taylor Restoration, we utilize a three-step process to remove mold from properties across Tullytown, Levittown, PA, Trenton, Burlington, NJ, Northeast Philadelphia, Bucks County, PA, and surrounding areas:

  1. Our certified technicians begin by containing the mold infestation to prevent the spread of mold to other areas of the property that are otherwise unaffected.
  2. We utilize High Efficiency Particulate Arresting (HEPA) Filtration  and specialized equipment to remove the mold from any affected surface of the property. These surfaces include but aren’t limited to: Walls, ceilings, floors, furniture, and even the air.
  3. Finally, our certified technicians employ a micro-cleaning process that removes any lingering mold spores present in the air or hiding in the structure. Our team will proceed to apply a biocide to further sanitize any affected areas. This will destroy the mold and its spores while simultaneously preventing additional damage to materials in the property. This further protects the your health, and the health of the other occupants of the property.

At Joe Taylor Restoration, we’re fully committed to providing only top-notch impeccable customer service.Each step of the way, our technicians will explain the mold removal process as it pertains to your home or business. Additionally, we always clearly report our findings to the property owner and the insurance agency promptly. This includes a comprehensive estimate, with completed paper work and photographs. This information will be communicated to the adjuster or agent within 2 days of job completion.

Mold Removal, Remediation, and Black Mold Removal Services

Joe Taylor Restoration’s certified and compassionate technicans always utilize the latest in mold removal technology and restoration best practices. This allows us to provide the best possible customer service and the following Mold Removal services:

  • Timely appraisal as to the extent of the mold infestation by certified technicians.
  • Containment of any affected areas.
  • Meticulous disposal of any and all contaminated materials.
  • Utilization of HEPA filtration to properly clean the affected areas.
  • Air purification, deodorization and sanitation - specifically pertaining to the odor that resulted due to the presence of mold and mildew.
  • Assistance with each step of the insurance claims process.

Are you experiencing a mold emergency? Call Joe Taylor Restoration today at 888.205.2464.

request a free estimate or call today 888.205.2464

request a free estimate or call today 888.205.2464