Water Damage and Mold Removal in Burlington, NJ

The Joe Taylor Restoration team understands how easily water damage can occur. That’s why we provide Burlington, NJ residents with emergency services 24 hours a day. Call us as soon as you notice emergency water damage, and we can have a team at the site within two hours.

Water Damage in Burlington, NJOur team can assist with:

● Water damage cleanup
● A pack-out service
● The damage restoration process
● Mold removal, remediation, and prevention
● Biohazard Cleanup

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Water Damage Restoration in Burlington, NJ

The Joe Taylor Restoration team uses a unique in-place system to dry your possessions. Our team of experts will evaluate the property and select the best solution. They’ll use a combination of industrial-grade dehumidifiers, fans, and heaters to speed away the water.

Our water damage restoration is completed in similar steps for all properties: emergency contact, inspecting and assessing water damage, water removal and extraction, drying and dehumidifying, cleaning and sanitizing, and restoration.

Mold Remediation in Burlington, NJ

Mold Remediation in Burlington, NJA mold removal service relies on the correct combination of:

  • Expertise
  • Safe, practical sanitization tools
  • Up-to-date treatment techniques

Joe Taylor Restoration has the knowledge and tools to remove mold effectively. The team uses highly effective formulas that leave your home or business safe and sanitary.

The first step in containing mold is to remove its water source. For this step, our mold remediation treatment resembles our water damage treatment. We work on-site to remove as much moisture as possible before treating the affected areas.

Our team deals with visible mold and then identifies where else mold is likely. With over two decades of experience, our team can handle any mold remediation project in Burlington, NJ.

Home to the oldest church in New Jersey, Burlington, NJ has seen much history. Old St. Mary’s isn’t, however, the oldest building in town. Revell House, built in 1685, takes that honor. As an interesting footnote, locals say that Benjamin Franklin was fond of gingerbread, and apparently, he tried some at Revell House when he was younger.

Burlington, NJ is a small community with much to offer. Many historic buildings are lovingly restored, but there are also modern developments. Residents have a charming town with all the modern amenities.

Call Joe Taylor Restoration at 888-205-2464 today and take the first step towards restoring your home and making it safe.

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request a free estimate or call today 888.205.2464

request a free estimate or call today 888.205.2464