Water Restoration, Black Mold Removal, Mold Remediation, and Hazmat Cleanup in Northeast Philadelphia

Cleaning up your home and/or business should be your first priority following a major discovery or event that can compromise your structure and/or the health of the individuals inside it. Whether you’re looking for hazmat cleanup that complies with OSHA standards, or black mold removal following significant water damage, we’re here to provide Northeast Philadelphia and the surrounding areas with professional cleanup services at reasonable rates.

Water Damage in Northeast Philadelphia, PA

Water Damage in Northeast PhiladelphiaWater damage is a complicated issue that can destroy your home and belongings. But if you have experienced extreme water damage, then don’t worry! At Joe Taylor Restoration we serve Northeast Philadephia, PA, and the surrounding areas with water restoration services that dry your home and/or business without removing or damaging your property.

Using the psychometric method, our water damage technicians make water restoration hassle-free and affordable. With 24/7 water restoration services, we ensure that your home is free of mold, odors, stains, and damages that can ruin the structural integrity of your home.

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Mold Removal in Northeast Philadelphia, PA

Mold Removal in Northeast Philadelphia and Bucks County

Our mold removal experts use industrial equipment and sanitation materials for black mold removal and mold remediation services. Understanding the ins and outs of mold removal, we not only identify the type of mold in your environment but come up with a customized mold remediation method to address your unique situation. Whether it’s black mold removal or allergenic mold remediation, we handle each situation quickly, professionally, and effectively.

Our mold removal services include:

  • Appraisal of infestation
  • Containment of area
  • Disposal of contaminated material
  • HEPA filtration
  • Air purification, deodorization, and sanitation
  • Insurance assistance

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Biohazard Cleanup in Northeast Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

At Joe Taylor Restoration we provide biohazard cleanup to Northeast Philadelphia, PA, and the surrounding area. Biohazard cleanup, also known as hazmat cleanup is the removal of chemicals and/or biological waste that can be harmful to the environment. From hazmat cleanup for crime scenes to removing animal waste from public places, we handle all aspects of biohazard cleanup with the utmost professionalism and attention to detail.

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As a populated and well-known suburb of the city, Northeast Philadelphia is home to several communities including Upper Holmesburg, Mayfair, Torresdale, and Morrell Park, to name a few. Sandwiched between Front Street and Fairmount Park, Northeast Philadelphia is not only a good place to live, but a good place to start a business. But whether you live in the area, or you’re just passing through, one thing’s for sure: Northeast Philadelphia has a little of something for everyone!

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request a free estimate or call today 888.205.2464